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Ashley Nicole Fox (ANF) opens a world of possibilities for her clients. Whether it be eccentric artistry, or a modern classic design, The Ashley Nicole Fox Experience offers an unparalleled level of creativity and opulence. Ashley Nicole Fox is for imaginative clientele, who is seeking to create refreshing, personalized, once-in-a-lifetime events.


Our alignment with your vision, begins with the intimate connection you will form with Ashley Nicole Fox. Ashley will personally spearhead the creation and design of your celebration from conception to completion, using a team of experts and top tier contractors. With the eye of an artist, Ashley will create the most exquisite custom experience for you and your guests.


Our commitment to honoring your company’s core values are at the forefront of every event we produce for organizations –both large and small. We aim to fully understand your businesses’ needs and goals for every event. So, whether you require Ashley Nicole Fox as your production partner to assist, or the executing team from top to bottom, we are here to service your industry.


Ashley Nicole Fox (ANF) designed The Memorial Museum concept to create a platform that gives her clients the medium to honor their most cherished living and deceased humans. It is a personal event that allows loved ones to stop time, and simply live in the moment, while basking in the greatness of honoree(s).

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I'm Ashley Nicole Fox

Creating magical moments with love

I have dedicated my career to challenging like-minded individuals to perfect and execute the unthinkable!

Ashley Nicole Fox is your destination for exclusively refined and expertly designed weddings and monumental events. With her imaginative eye and decades of experience, Ashley approaches every event as a blank canvas — a platform to collaborate with likeminded clients, perfect their ideas, and execute the unthinkable! 


Welcome to a never-ending experience of extraordinary occasions and irreplaceable moments.

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Our team researches every aspect of your event, to streamline key tasks, which creates a solid foundation for your timeline and design process.



Our development strategy ensures the seamless execution of your unique project, due to detailed coordination and communication practices.


The installation of your custom aesthetic and blueprint is produced by our team with a high level of accuracy and innovation.


Our team oversees your entire event by directing every moving piece, in order to create exceptional, worry-free experiences.

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